Say Bookkeeping is now Tentho!

Giuseppe Garcia-Salamone
Giuseppe Garcia-Salamone
A co-founder of Tentho. An exceptional and seasoned accounting expert, a tech-savvy thinker who solves financial puzzles. An educator at heart.

You may have noticed that Say Bookkeeping has been going through some changes… As a matter of fact, we have merged with Helen Kakouris, CPA and Founder of an outsourced CFO firm based in Miami, Florida. Rebranding as Tentho, the new firm will continue to offer the same excellent bookkeeping and accounting services you have come to expect but with additional forward thinking/strategic services which paint a complete financial picture needed for a small business to be successful.

The new CFO service offerings include budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial analysis, establishing current and future metrics, and more… These financial management solutions can be used by businesses of all industries to help sustain momentum and achieve profitable results. You can view the full list of CFO services on our website.

Our Co-Founder, Giuseppe Salamone says, “We now can provide quality financial oversight to our members at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Adding CFO services completes the full suite of day-to-day financial services that make a small business successful.”

Tentho Co-Founders

Tentho Co-Founders are Giuseppe Salamone and Helen Kakouris, CPA, and together, they bring 25+ years of combined accounting and finance experience. Their vision is to lead the future of accounting through tech-savvy thinkers who solve financial puzzles.

Here is a little about each of them…

Giuseppe holds a master’s degree in Accounting and is pursuing a CMA certification. He gained his expertise in accounting while working for notable companies such as JP Morgan Chase, and America Online. He mastered his understanding of accounting for non-profits while working as the financial controller for a multi-million dollar Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving South Florida.

Helen is a CPA who holds a master’s degree in Accounting. Before co-founding Tentho, she gained her expertise in accounting while working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) completing audits for Fortune 300 clients and numerous IPOs. Subsequently, she worked in-house at a Forbes Global 2000 publicly traded company in financial reporting and analysis. She then co-founded Expert CFO Services to make financial oversight affordable for small business.

Together, Giuseppe and Helen form a powerhouse duo who continue to provide their clients with exemplary bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services. They know this expansion would have been impossible without their client’s support, and genuinely thank them for their business and confidence in the team.

We all look forward to doing future business under the name Tentho!


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