ScaleFactor Customers Welcome!

Asia Gelker
Asia Gelker
Head of Marketing at Tentho. A passionate storytelling mama of two, and creative marketing professional.

We have just learned of some important news affecting businesses working with ScaleFactor for their bookkeeping and accounting services. ScaleFactor announced it is shutting down in August and terminating accounting services at the end of July.
A message from the ScaleFactor CEO… Read the full statement.

A little about us!
We are ready to help any of ScaleFactor’s customers make a seamless transition. Tentho is a full-service bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO advisory services firm. We are 100% bootstrapped by our two founders, and we have been in business since 2017. Our customer base includes small to mid-size companies with up to 250 employees across a wide variety of industries. We work with our members to leverage technology and make accounting work streamlined and efficient.

Technology Stack
We are committed to leveraging our technology partners and pairing them with bookkeeping and accounting experts. We work with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Gusto, Fathom, Cash Flow Tool, and many more! The technology we use works harmoniously to allow for seamless integrations and efficient processes.

Ready to serve.
As part of our commitment to assisting ScaleFactor customers as they seek out a new service provider to support their accounting operations, we are scheduling free consultations with anyone who would like to better understand how we can help. In fact, we will honor ScaleFactor pricing to any ScaleFactor customers under a similar membership plan with Tentho.

Schedule your consultation.
Set up a one on one call with a member of our team to determine what is needed for your specific needs before you sign up for a membership. Consultation – Tentho

Sign up for a membership.
You can sign up for a Core membership directly on our website. If you require more robust services such as A/R, A/P, CFO Services, and Payroll Administration you will need to schedule a consultation to obtain a custom quote. Memberships – Tentho


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