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No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what services you provide and no matter who your customers are, what does matter is numbers.

Numbers can highlight how money flows in and out of your business, help you spot strategic opportunities and ultimately, show whether your enterprise is healthy. All this can only happen if the numbers are accurate, which is why Tentho provides bookkeeping accounting, and CFO services that deliver you business information that is correct, timely, and actionable.

Our goal is to take care of your numbers so you can take care of the rest of your business. We do this by maximizing the use of technology, freeing up your time to accomplish your business goals and the reasons you got into it in the first place!


There are many reasons why business owners would need bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services. For example, you are too busy to manage your own books, your current technology systems are not generating information that helps you make the best decisions, your internal accounting staff has a high turnover, and/or your operations are vulnerable if one person gets sick, takes vacation  or leaves.

Our team of experts can help you to streamline your financial operations, improve cash flow, and avoid costly mistakes. We also can act as your strategic partner in leveraging the latest technological innovations and reducing the time you spend worrying about your finances.

Accounting-only firms generally provide services for the sole purpose of creating a tax return, not to provide information that helps you with day to day management and decision making.  Moreover, the limited-use information they provide can cost more than twice what it would to use Tentho.

With Tentho, you receive higher quality data at a lower investment.  By using our services, you don’t need to bear the cost of salary and benefits to accounting and finance staff.  We also save you the opportunity cost of your own time; instead of using it to compile your financials, you can better spend it on operating your business from the top, using the top-quality information we provide you!

Tentho’s experts build trust and understanding by helping you fully understand your numbers. We collaboratively participate with your team, and our job is to develop the strategies to help you grow the company and achieve your goals.

Making the best use of technology doesn’t always mean you have to purchase anything new; Tentho experts can show you how to leverage the technology assets that you already have.  Some of the ways we do this are:  Fully utilizing the advanced functionalities of QuickBooks Online, employing integrative apps which work seamlessly with your accounting software, and expense reporting utilities which allow more detailed tracking for employees and business owners.

The Tentho Advantage!

With a focus on efficiently using technology, we can advise you on how to get the most benefit from your investment in it.

We save your business from the extra time, training and other expenses that come from inexpert deployment of technology.

By keeping up with the latest developments, we can confidently advise you on which technologies will best help you most cost-effectively accomplish your goals.

And as a high-tech, high-touch firm, we work remotely, expanding our availability to you.


Our Story

Tentho was born from the independent inspiration of our co-founders Giuseppe Salamone and Helen Kakouris. Giuseppe recognized that for small and mid-size business owners, inadequate bookkeeping and accounting often undercut their businesses and derailed their dreams. Helen realized that these types of companies didn’t have ready access to top quality financial controls.  

To address these concerns, Giuseppe started an accounting / bookkeeping company and Helen launched a CFO service firm.  

As their enterprises both grew rapidly,  Giuseppe and Helen identified a way to support more companies even more efficiently by merging their organizations to provide accounting, bookkeeping, and CFO services through a unified Tentho.


Our Values

As a partner in delivering vital business data, our client relationships are built on trust, honesty, and professionalism.  

We do this not only through the accurate, useful, and timely information we deliver but also through the passion our staff brings to our work. 

We understand, appreciate, and honor that our success comes from your success.


Our Culture

All of our team members are enthusiastic…about bookkeeping and financial technology!  

We are excited to learn and share any new information that helps us continually enhance the value we deliver.  

And we are involved in continuous education so we keep current in the field, allowing us to best incorporate new knowledge and tools for the benefit of our clients.

Have you ever seen anyone get excited about reconciling financial statements? At Tentho, it happens!  Passionate about our work, we like to think of ourselves as “geeky rock stars.” And as such, every Tentho member is empowered to take leadership so we can best deliver to our clients, our promise: Leadership in helping you Organize, Strategize, and Optimize!

About Us

Helen Kakouris


Giuseppe Salamone




Giuseppe Salamone


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How it Works

Helen Kakouris

Helen Kakouris


Helen has seen a lot, which has empowered her ability to contribute a lot!

She was born in Southern California, but moved during childhood to Colorado.After matriculating atThe University of Denver she obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree, but she didn’t stop there. While at the University, Helen also earned a Master’s of Arts in Accounting as well as her CPA license, both around her 23rd birthday. She began her career in Audit at PricewaterhouseCoopers, then worked in financial reporting and accounting for a Forbes Global 2000 company.

Right from her earliest professional experiences, Helen appreciated how accurate financial reporting and effective internal controls can bring amazement, joy, and relief to a businesses’ managers and owners. Understanding that most companies can’t afford a full time CFO to deliver these elements, Helen did something about it. By starting a company offering outsourced CFO services, education, and expertise, she made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to gain access to top tier financial organization and analysis capabilities. By providing thousands of successful client solutions, her firm grew rapidly.

To serve even more clients, in 2020 the company merged with Say Bookkeeping, a provider of outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services. Now in Miami as Co-Founder of Tentho, Helen oversees Human Resources and Finance. By applying knowledge and skill along with her trademark integrity, loyalty, and desire to continually advance the cause, she is committed every day to helping Tentho and its clients succeed.

Through volunteerism, Helen has also brought her passion for positive impact to many people in need.Having been involved in community service since middle school, she has contributed her talents toJunior Achievement, Junior League,Boys and Girls Club, initiatives in support of low-income individuals and the homeless, and other service projects organized through her church.

Helen’s perspective is further strengthened by her hobbies which include travel, photography, running, and her family! You may see Helen as a featured presenter in an expert panel discussion, as an award nominee (most recently as one of Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce’s “Badass Women of the Year”), or as your host of a visit to Tentho, where she will be ready to share her insights for your benefit!

Giuseppe Salamone

Giuseppe Salamone


As an accountant and the co-Founder of Tentho, Giuseppe Salamone knows the importance of communicating with precision. So when he says he is from a “big family”, he means it! Son to an entreprenuring Italian immigrant and second-oldest of43 grandchildren in his family (eldest on his mom’s side) Giuseppe also understands the value insetting an example of quality work, service, and inspiration. Fortunately, his commitment to this includes Tentho’s members, whom Giuseppe also considers part of his family!

Giuseppe’s love of accounting and bookkeeping is fueled by a passion for logic.He has always found joy in changing chaos into cleanliness and confusion into clarity.He pursues this in part through his studies.Already holding Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Accounting, he’s now working toward credentialing as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

With the encouragement of other entrepreneurs in his family, Giuseppe turned his enthusiasm for orderly numbers into a lifeline for other business owners by starting Say Bookkeeping, an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services firm.Initially operating it as an unrelated side business while working as a Controller, Giuseppe quickly realized there was enough demand for him to build it into a full-time commitment.In fact, the company grew to the point where Giuseppe saw the opportunity to enhance its impact even further. In 2020 he merged Say Bookkeeping with an outsourced CFO services firm, creating Tentho. As co-Founder, while Giuseppe is responsible for Tentho’s technological leadership and overall growth, his primary focus every day is to ensure continued member service excellence.

Giuseppe’s prior professional accomplishments include operational and financial improvements he brought to Care Resource (a multi-million dollar non-profit). Additionally, during his work at JPMorgan, he built out all financial operations for the Health Savings Account department.

But before Giuseppe dedicated himself to bringing success to businesses in America, he was bringing America to the world! Through work as an English teacher in South Korea and Thailand, he funded years of travel around Asia.

Giuseppe lives by time-honored values passed down for generations. They are honesty (which never goes out of style), timeliness (he is usually early), and always putting your best foot forward (which he now empowers his clients to do!)

Through volunteerism,Giuseppe has had positive impact in the community as well. Most recently, having served on its Finance Committee, Giuseppe has joined the Board of the Aqua Foundation for Women, a nonprofit servingSouth Florida’s LGBTQ community.

Besides balancing financial records, Giuseppe also balances his life with exercise, and a commitment to languages (he previously studied French, speaks Italian and is currently learning Spanish.) But no matter your level of mastery with the language of business, Giuseppe is ready to help you get your books letter-perfect!