In Celebration of Bring Your Kids To Work Day.

Transform "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" into an unforgettable learning adventure! If you're an entrepreneur who believes in seeding financial wisdom early, you're in the right place. We've crafted a set of enchanting activities designed to introduce your mini-moguls to the basics of financial literacy in a fun, engaging way.

Bring Your Kids To Work Day | Tentho

Why Kidtrepreneurs' Day?

  • Cultivate Financial Literacy: Build a strong foundation with simple, playful lessons.
  • Family Fun: Spend quality time with your little ones while teaching valuable life skills.
  • Inspire Future Innovators: Spark the entrepreneurial spirit in your children.

What's Inside the Magic Money Kit?

  • Adventure in Earnings & Expenses: A whimsical journey through earning, spending, and saving!
  • Counting Coins with Critters: Meet the charming Coin Critters and master the art of counting currency!
  • Party Planning with Penny: Plan the ultimate party with Penny the Planner – all while sticking to a budget!

With this worksheets, your child won't just be tagging along for the day; they'll be stepping into a world where finance is fun and learning is a treasure hunt. Let the adventure begin:


Calling all parent-preneurs! Ready to conquer your financial journey? Let's partner up and pave the way for a prosperous future!