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A boutique recruiting and staffing firm in business for nearly 10 years.

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The business owners wanted to hire new employees, increase their market share, and scale their business to enable and support growth. Their in-house staff accountant was having difficulty keeping up with the increased workload and would often fall behind when taking a sick day or going on vacation. Ultimately, their in-house person decided to move on to another position leaving the business owners scrambling to find a replacement and distracting them from focusing on their core business.


Full Service. We conducted an in-depth needs assessment of their accounting operations and developed a plan for transitioning their critical processes including payroll administration, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, and monthly financial statement preparation.

Results Achieved

Within weeks of coming on board, the books were brought completely up to date. Payroll related issues and inquiries were reduced by 75%, outstanding accounts receivables balances were reduced by more than 50%, and financial statements were prepared consistently and on-time. Even more surprising, the business now has a team of experts working with them daily who are responsive and professional when dealing with their internal staff and clients! Costs for managing their accounting operations were reduced by 20%.
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