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A high-volume pizzeria serving customers for over 13 years.

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The business owners needed to be able to more easily access their financial data on a regular basis in order to be able to make better management decisions. Additionally, they wanted to free up the time of operations manager to handle more responsibilities in the day to day running of the restaurant.


Full-Service. Tentho conducted a thorough review of the existing financial reports, and created a custom chart of accounts to detail the financial data in an easy to understand manner. Processes were implemented to compile the financial data in a more efficientway by leveraging cloud-based accounting software.

Results Achieved

The operations manager was able to save more than 30 hours of time per month, and the financial statements are now produced on-time to give the restaurant owner the ability to make better decisions. Through financial reports created by Tentho the restaurant owner was able to identify overspends in inventory, and was able to make adjustments which saved over $20,000.
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