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Leading the future of accounting.

Our Mission

To prepare our Members for takeoff into the next stage of their Entrepreneurial journey.

Our Values

We are one step ahead: Igniting financial expertise together with tech-savvy thinkers builds calculated innovation, which is at the core of who we are.
We get the impact: We deliver the highest quality services, by building long-lasting relationships. We know what’s at stake because we understand who our members are as individuals.
We are presentation-ready: Our professional acumen and demeanor reflect from the inside out, as we believe in looking our best for ourselves, our teams, and our members.
We are trusted guides: Our collective financial expertise and individualized member focus cultivate trust within our relationships, which we treat with utmost honor and respect. 

We celebrate. Say “Cheese”! We recognize our milestones and honor those of our members, building a culture of motivation and growth.

Our Story.

The Tentho company name represents the core principle that we stand for. It was derived from a Thomas Edison quote, which states:

I didn’t fail …, I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.

10,000 ways = ten thou… = Tentho

Together since 2017, Tentho is co-founded by two fearless leaders. Giuseppe Garcia-Salamone, an exceptional and seasoned accounting expert, a tech-savvy solution architect for financial puzzles, and an educator at heart, as well as Helen Braswell Kakouris, an influential female leader within the finance community, a world-class business strategist and a devoted mother of two. 


She / Her

Helen Braswell Kakouris


He / Him

Giuseppe Salamone


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The Why.

Tentho exists because Helen and Giuseppe envisioned a place where any entrepreneur, regardless of size, industry, or revenue size, can turn to for financial services support and inspiration. They believe that education and proactive communication are the foundation for any small business aiming to grow. That is why we are 100% focused on providing guidance, education, and resources to our members.

The How.

Transparency, honesty, and expertise are at the heart of everything we do. We want to be a resource for your business – not just an accounting firm that pushes numbers around on paper pads or screens in some faraway land but rather one where you can come to see us anytime with any questions.

Check out our Member Success Stories

Member Success Story

Recruiting and Staffing

Within weeks of coming on board, the books were brought completely up to date. Payroll related issues and inquiries were reduced by 75%, outstanding accounts receivables balances were reduced by more than 50%, and financial statements were prepared consistently and on-time. Even more surprising, the business now has a team of experts working with them daily who are responsive and professional when dealing with their internal staff and clients! Costs for managing their accounting operations were reduced by 20%.

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Member Success Story

Law Firm

The business model provides for counseling and intervention services all over the country through a network of independent specialists. Payments to contractors were inconsistently managed and did not provide for a reliable way to account for expenses incurred by the counselors. The business owner had a bookkeeper who worked part-time on the weekends but was never available when needed during the week. Questions were often left unanswered, and the financial statements were unreliable due to a lack of follow through.

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Member Success Story

Event Production

Once the changes were implemented, the client was able to analyze their financial information to make significant decisions about pricing for their services. Profitability increased, and the client was able to secure investors to continue to grow and expand their business.

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