Tentho is a Firm of the Future!

At Tentho we recognize the changing nature of bookkeeping and accounting due to advances in technology, and the evolving needs of small business owners. More and more business owners are realizing that managing their books according to tax deadlines is not an effective way to run their businesses. Clients need access to real-time information to make sound financial decisions. 

Most business owners are focused on increasing their bottom line, and data entry are low on their list of priorities. Furthermore, in the age of information, people want access to information on the go, and cloud-based apps are becoming the new norm. The ability to view information on smartphones and tablets has become high on the list of “must-haves”. And finally, clients want to look at their financial information and see things they easily understand. 

At Tentho we have developed a model of the future to accommodate business owners who are embracing the new way of business financial operations. We leverage all aspects of QuickBooks Online to provide transparency and efficiency in providing accurate and timely financial statements to business owners. Furthermore, QBO offers a fantastic way for our virtual bookkeepers to seamlessly work with business owners in a collaborative partnership. Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of time on data entry, we spend more time helping our clients brainstorm ideas for increasing their bottom line. We analyze gross profit for specific products or services and review operating expenses. It allows us to focus on opportunities for improvement, such as cost savings and efficiency. 

If your business is struggling with your financial operations or moving your financial operations into the future. Contact us or schedule a FREE consultation! We will be happy to review your current situation and offer suggestions on areas for you to improve. 

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