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Helen Braswell Kakouris Nominated for 2022 #BWOTY Award

Helen Braswell Kakouris, CPA, Co-Founder of Tentho was recently nominated by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce for their prestigious 2022 #BWOTY, Badass Women of The Year” award. This award recognizes successful fearless businesswomen who have made a significant impact in their field and community.

Helen Braswell Kakouris, CPA, Co-Founder of Tentho was recently nominated by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce for their prestigious “2022 BA Women of The Year” award. This award honors successful fearless businesswomen who have made a significant impact in their field and community. As a dedicated mother, entrepreneur, and a female founder with over 15 years of experiences working with small businesses, Helen is committed to providing world-class financial guidance that makes a real difference. Her passion-driven focus has helped fuel Tentho’s impressive growth; the company was recently recognized as the 2nd fastest growing company in South Florida. As a mother of two, fearless business owner, and leader in her community, Helen is an inspiration to women everywhere.  

Being a mother, a female leader, and a women entrepreneur within the business community isn’t something that comes without challenges. This is especially true today in South Florida, as entrepreneurs and multinationals look towards establishing a new hub for innovation and collaboration right here in our thriving community. For Helen, the challenge is no longer getting a seat at the table, but rather working on making sure that the culture at that table is inclusive of all, cultivating a growing community of empowerment, understanding and support. 

“A small batch of business owners, who happen to be also mothers, like me might already be sitting at the table, but we are not yet understood. Our needs are not accounted for in the current frameworks, culture, and constitutions of the very own organizations where we are members. I look at my daily actions and decisions as a focus on changing that,” said Helen Braswell Kakouris. 

As a member of various global and local organizations, community groups and programs, Helen is unconditionally dedicated to spreading awareness, advocacy, and support for other mother/women entrepreneurs.  

Being a mother and a woman business owner, is not about balance for Helen, but rather focus and creating a supportive network around her so that she can be successful in her everyday life and lead her company and community initiatives. Whether this is reprioritizing focus on a certain day or leaning upon the network of support she has created, her mission is a focus that drives her decisions daily. It is a looped discipline of building a business community that understands, accepts, and supports the needs of mother entrepreneurs and mothers in the workplace, to unlock the true potential of our younger generations. 

“This is the time to give it all you got. The time to tune into your networks, call upon your villages, hold onto your mentors, and support women/mother business owners to follow their dreams. This is the perfect time to celebrate women leaders and women owned businesses in Miami. I am extremely honored to be nominated for this award and to be recognized by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to growing and celebrating alongside all the incredible nominees of this award,” stated Helen Braswell Kakouris. 

With support from City National Bank, this year’s 2nd Annual #BWOTY Awards will be held at Jungle Island on November 18th. Featuring dozens of amazing nominees spanning a wide range of industries, the 2016 #BWOTY Awards are a can’t-miss opportunity to celebrate and recognize some truly incredible female leaders. So, mark your calendars and get ready to #HonorThem! 

To learn more, visit Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce  

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