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Leading Miami-based Accounting Firm Offers a Virtual Reality (VR) Consulting Experience at the eMerge Americas Event

Leading Miami-based Accounting Firm Tentho offers Virtual Reality (VR) Consulting Experience at the eMerge Americas event.

Tentho, one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the US, is offering a one-of-a-kind, first-in-the-market, metaverse experience for the show floor attendees of the 2022 eMerge Americas event in Miami.

On April 18th & 19th, Tentho will be offering virtual reality consulting sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to ask specific business, accounting, tax, and finance questions to its senior team.

“We love Miami and its diverse and innovative entrepreneur-minded culture. Taking part in such an innovative start-up expo matches our ethos, and we’re thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind experience to the guests of the event.” Said Tentho’s Co-Founder, Giuseppe Salamone.

Tentho’s leadership team understands that offering a metaverse experience to entrepreneurs and founders so that they can enter a private room to ask pressing financial, bookkeeping, and tax questions makes sense since most start-ups are innovative and seek to connect in ways other than the traditional conversation via zoom, phone or email.

“Being able to interact with business owners in a virtual reality experience is exciting, but it also showcases our commitment to the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit, which is the core of who we are” Salamone added. 

The #tenthometa experience at the eMerge event will allow Tentho to further gauge the demand for such interactions, to answer the question of whether the finance conversation should be partially outsourced to the metaverse, or simply offered for some as a way to diversify their experience with their finance team. 

Since its inception, Tentho has served a wide spectrum of small and medium-sized businesses, from those in pre-revenue and early launch stages to national brands eclipsing $100 million in annual revenue.

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